Frequently asked questions

...you want to maximize the Harvard Forward candidates' chances of being elected?

In elections where voters are able to cast multiple votes and there are multiple winners, the best strategy for maximizing the chances that your favorite candidates are elected is to vote only for the candidates that you want to win, also known as plump voting. Alumni are not required to vote for 5 candidates unless they want to, so if your goal is to maximize the likelihood that the Harvard Forward candidates are elected, then you can choose to submit your ballot with only 3 votes.

...you want to protest Harvard's new restrictions on petition candidates?

When alumni protesting Harvard's investments in apartheid South Africa won Board seats by petition in the 1980s, Harvard changed the rules to limit petition candidacies. After Harvard Forward won three seats last summer, Harvard changed the rules again, limiting the democratic input of alumni on the nomination process. Now, a maximum of 6 petition-nominated candidates can sit on the board of 30 Overseers at any one time. No limits previously existed. Let Harvard know you value the democratic nature of our elections by voting for the 3 Harvard Forward candidates and writing-in 2 of the most well-known candidates from the South African divestment petition efforts: - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, LLD '79 - Barack Obama, JD '91 (see image)

...you want to vote for two Harvard-nominated candidates in addition to the Harvard Forward candidates?

Harvard Forward is refraining from making any recommendations on Harvard's nominees for the Board of Overseers. The University has nominated a strong slate full of great candidates and diverse perspectives, and we encourage alumni to do their own research into the candidates' views before deciding which ones to support.