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Nap all Day, Sleep All Night! This shirt is a funny way to explain your favorite pasttime -- napping, of course!! This shirt makes a great gift. #napalldaysleepallnight #ilovenaps #napping #napquee #napking


Design is made with heat transfer vinyl and is machine washable. Washing instructions will be included on a care card in your package.

Nap All Day Sleep All Night Shirt

  • Sizing:  To get an accurate size, your best bet is to find a shirt at home that you love, and compare it's size to the manufacturer's sizing chart posted below each shirt style.  Every t-shirt maker has some degree of manufacturing tolerance, which is to say, the distance in inches could have up to a +/- 10% variation.  Body widths are measured 1" below the arm holes.


    Colors:  Shades will vary between brands.  If you are ordering shirts for your family or a group and would